Terms & Conditions

This Bicycle Subscription Agreement is entered into between The Electric Bike Shop Ltd, Company Registration No 09097113, 4-6 Etloe Road, Bristol, England, BS6 7PF (“The Provider”) via BikeSub.co.uk, and the customer (“The Subscriber”) effective as of [Bicycle collection date as shown on the customer receipt] for a period of 12 months.

1.0 Bicycle Subscription:

2.0 Subscription Period:

3.0 Subscription Fee:

4.0 The Subscriber:

5.0 Collection of Goods:

6.0 Use and Maintenance of the Bicycle:

7.0 Insurance:

8.0 Theft or Loss:

9.0 Identification and Affordability

10.0 Our Obligations to You

11.0 Liability and General

12.0 Termination

13.0 Data Protection/ Privacy Policy

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