FREE Insurance

All our subscriptions are insured via Velolife against theft and damage using the subscriber’s address as the insured location, subject to the following conditions;

  • During the term of your subscription, the bike will remain the property of
  • The cycle must be secured by an approved Sold Secure Diamond Level lock 
  • The cycle must be secured through the frame to an immovable object 
  • Any quick release wheels must also be secured and locked
  • In the event of having to make a claim on the insurance, the subscriber will pay the excess of £250.

For extra peace of mind, to meet the insurer’s security requirements and to keep your bike safe, all customers will be supplied with an approved diamond-level Sold Secure lock of their choice, either a chain or a D-Lock.


Your insurance covers the following only. Other factors such as, and not limited to: public liability, replacement hire, legal expenses, worldwide cover, personal accident, accessories and breakdown cover, are not covered by the insurance provided.

Velolife Insurance Policy Info
  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Malicious Damage