Battery FAQs

Your ebike battery is probably the most important and expensive component on your bike. It is important you look after and take care of it. We often get people asking about battery care – here is a quick summary.
Lithium (Li-ion) batteries fitted to E-Bikes are also used in mobile phones, cameras, laptops and almost all power tools (such as cordless drills). Taking proper care of your battery and knowing how to properly charge it is key to getting the best range and long-term battery life.

What Choices Of Battery Are There?

Batteries come in different sizes or capacities. The bigger the battery capacity, the bigger your fuel tank, the further it will take you. 

Where Is The Battery On An E-Bike?

The position of the battery and motor can vary, for example, on most models batteries are integrated into the frame of the bike, the slim design of the battery means at a quick glance no one will know you are riding an E-Bike. In the majority of the bikes we sell batteries can be quickly and easily removed for charging, when transporting the bike or when the bike is not being ridden.

What Is My Battery Range?

It is difficult to give a precise answer as many factors affect the range of an ebike battery. The mode you are using, the terrain, the road surface, air temperature, rider weight, tyre tread & pressure all affect how far it will take you. If your bike has a range function this will go up and down as you ride and will give you some indication of how far you can go.
You can view a Bosch range calculator HERE.

What If I Run Out Of Charge?

If an electric bike runs out of battery, it can still be pedalled like a standard bike, your display will clearly show estimated remaining range (like a fuel gauge on a car) Always avoid running your battery to zero, if it's getting very low switch off assistance before this happens.

How Long Does It Take To Charge My Battery?

A full charge can take 4-6 hours depending on the size of the battery. If you top up your battery up after every ride, a charge can take a couple of hours or even less. Some manufacturers including Bosch offer both standard, compact and fast chargers.

How Often Should I Charge My Battery?

As often as possible at room temperature is best practice. If you are not using your bike and battery for an extended period of time then keep the battery at around 60% charge. Keep an eye on it, you may have to top it up a bit after a few weeks. Don’t let your battery completely discharge.

Should I Charge My Battery Overnight?

No always charge it during the day when you can unplug it when it’s full, do not leave your battery on charge when you are away from the home. Always follow manufacturers’ instructions when charging.

What Charger Should I Use?

Use the manufacturer-approved charger for the product. If you spot any signs of wear and tear or damage, buy an official replacement charger for your product from a reputable seller, please contact us if you require one.

Are Batteries Affected By Air Temperature?

Batteries should always be charged on hard flat surfaces, out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources and in an area with good ventilation (not in a cupboard etc).

How Many Charge Cycles Can I Expect From My Battery?

A charge cycle is a full discharge and recharge or equivalent. 300-500 is a conservative expectation but if you keep your battery consistently topped up but undercharged, say 70-80% that can double or triple it to 1200-1500. In fact Bosch themselves state that the battery should be good for around 8-9 years or 1000 full charge cycles. After 1000 cycles the battery will still work, but any battery will age over time so it will start to lose capacity and therefore not power your electric bike so far.

Do I Need To Keep My Battery Clean And Dry?

Ebikes are designed to be ridden in the rain but they are not waterproof. Never expose a battery to excess water like riding through a deep stream for example. If your bike is very wet then contacts on the battery should be dried to avoid oxidation and corrosion. It is good practice to check the contacts every few months and clean if necessary.

How Long Will My Battery Last?

Batteries do have a shelf life and will degrade over time but you should comfortably get over 6-7 years 'normal' use and possibly up to 8-9 years. Your overall battery capacity will diminish at a rate dependent on how much you use it and look after it.

Are Batteries Interchangeable Between Bikes?

Only if they are like for like on the same Ebike system. Some systems do allow larger or smaller capacity batteries to be interchanged but the style of battery (integrated or external) must be the same.

Should I Remove My Battery When Transporting My Bike?

It is strongly advised you always remove the battery from your bike if transporting your bike.

How Big Is A Battery?

In-frame batteries have the smallest footprint. Bosch batteries weigh about 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg) and are among the lightest on the market.

What Is The Warranty On My Battery?

Two years on Bosch and Yamaha systems.

Can A Battery Be Recovered If Dead?

Possibly. If the battery has gone into a sleep mode it may be recoverable, consult your manufacturers instructions on how to do this.

Can My Battery Be Repaired?

The short answer is no. If you damage your battery, for example by dropping it, it is advised you don't use it. It may look ok but there could be internal damage which could lead to overheating and a fire risk. If you open your battery the warranty is void and can be very dangerous. Try to ensure they are not getting knocked around while in use or while being carried as spares as this can increase the chance of damage to cells. We suggest you inspect your battery regularly for any signs of external damage.

How Much Does A Battery Cost To Replace?

A typical Ebike battery will cost between £350 & £800 depending on type and capacity. Look after them.

If My Battery Begins To Smoke What Should I Do?

Isolate it outside as quickly as possible, you can try to damper it with a suitable fire extinguisher if you feel confident in doing so but call 999 if you feel the situation is dangerous.
If you have any other questions about batteries our customer service team are happy to help