EBike Maintenance

Electric Bikes will only work correctly if they are regularly checked, cleaned, maintained and serviced.

Before Every Ride - M Check

We recommend you always do a quick, basic check of your bike before every ride. This is often called an M check because as you move around the bike from back to front it forms the shape of an M. Here is a short video showing you how to do an M check


Our subscription includes a FREE safety check at 6 weeks and an interim service at 6 months. It's important the bikes are brought back to us to check at these points so we can monitor your wear and tear on the bike and keep the bike working optimally.

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Maintenance & Cleaning

We want you to ride your electric bike as much as possible but it will require some care from time to time. A clean and some lubrication on the chain are essential for keeping wear on your transmission to a minimum. If you are a heavy braker, your pads may need checking and replacing occasionally too. If you're unsure on how or what to do to clean your bike, this will be explained to you when you collect your bike but you can also take a look at our Ebike Cleaning Guide